Paul started his career off as a mechanical engineer and worked for a large engineering, design, and construction firm. In his role as project engineer, Paul designed mechanical systems, oversaw the construction process as it related to the mechanical discipline, and evaluated the safety of existing and newly implemented process systems.

After completing his MBA, Paul transitioned into the field of market research where he worked on numerous quantitative research projects in the telecommunications, public affairs, and financial sectors for two of the largest global market research firms. Over his tenure in this field, Paul specialized in the formulation of research methodology, studying market trends, and carrying out statistical analysis.

Over the years, Paul established a strong foundation in the real estate business. Paul has been a property manager for over fourteen years and has supervised several major home renovation projects including fire retrofit, electrical re-wiring, roofing, plumbing upgrade, landscape, and flooring projects.

Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of residential real estate. Paul has a firm understanding of engineering principles and his experience as a project engineer and property manager coupled with strong research and analytic capabilities is what makes him ideally suited for the role of a proactive trusted advisor to those wishing to buy or sell a home or investment property.